1 down, 11 to go. 

So January started with a bang. Literally. An accident at home resulted in me making a late night phone call to the Austrian ambulance service. Turns out under pressure I lose all my German speaking ability. The poor call handler just had some crazy Englishwoman shouting ‘kopf, blood, kopf, blood’ at him then repeating my address. Luckily this meant we got an ambulance in under 5 minutes, got sorted by the docs and home for some TLC and rest. 

2 things I learnt from the experience.

 1. Austrian healthcare is amazing. Short wait times on a Friday night in A&E and efficient service. OK we got charged 20 euro for taking a bed for a night but that’s not the end of the world.  Secondly, I need to work on my German, this sort of stuff isn’t covered in classes…..I can order a croissant or tell you I like your skirt but not that I need an ambulance because someone’s smashed their skull open. Berlitz take note, you’re teaching us wrong.
So once all the excitement was over I got down to the business of working. Going back to work after so long is actually quite hard. But a great team and a nice company to work for has made all the difference. However, spending all day looking at amazing holidays is tough. I daydream all the time. So far I’ve planned our holiday to Cuba, Bhutan, Nepal, Costa Rica, Iceland, Vietnam, the whole of South America, Canada, New Zealand and Croatia. All in my head, obviously. There’s not enough holiday, or money to do them all. I wonder if we can stop this whole wedding thing and just travel instead. We could get married in some remote Bhutanese bhuddist monastery and just tell you guys after. Actually. That. Sounds. Awesome. 

I’m sure I could convince him into it!
We have had lots of lovely snow here in January.  Vienna becomes even more beautiful in the snow, and unlike the UK, snow here is not a barrier to life. Pathways and roads are cleared quickly and everything carries on as normal. And there is something really quite romantic about skating across the frozen Danube with your other half. Cold. But romantic. Take that the Trent, best I got from you was a cheesy booze cruise…..
 Lastly I did a lot of headshaking at the human race this month. Apparently basing your opinions on people soley on their nationality, religion, gender, political belief etc is now OK. Its not. Its never OK. The world is made of a beautiful mix of people. And I will judge a person on their actions not their stereotype. Its called not being an arsehole, and many people have forgotten how to not be an arsehole. Many of those who think its OK have never seen outside of their little protective bubble. Do yourself a favour. Get out. Chat to a Muslim. Chat to the kid down the street you ignore because they have learning difficulties. Chat to to the foreign family you live near. Leave the country and meet other nationalties…and no I dont mean go to the Magaluf and claim you are cultured….Get out of your bubble. Learn everyone is a human and the ONLY thing worth judging a person by is their actions. 

In short, please can many of my fellow human beings stop being twats and start spreading kindness.
Here endeth the lesson


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