I’ve survived!

Well I made it!  Its now December, and I have last 5 whole months in Vienna.  So here is what I’ve learnt

1.Tourists are such a pain in the arse

They are everywhere and just stand like gormless muppets in the middle of the path for their 1000th selfie in 10 meters

2.There is always something to do                                                                                           

The abundance of things to do in Vienna is unbelievable, from festivals, concerts, comedy nights, cake clubs, english cinemas, shows and markets as well as hiking, biking and keeping fit. A lot of it is free, or relatively cheap so I have no excuse to sit around all day.

3.The people are awesome

Vienna is regularly voted as the best European city to live in. There is a thriving expat community who welcome newcomers and help you find your feet and navigate the city.  Ive met some lovely people, and generally people are lovely.  Unless you are in the supermarket, then its every man for themselves.

4.Austrian waiters are just rubbish.

They are quick to seat you and maybe take your first order, but once your food or drink is delivered they are off.  Trying to add something to your order, pay, or do anything is like pulling teeth.  It takes a little while to get used to, and to understand that you don’t just nip in for a quick coffee or lunch, you’re in there for the long haul and you may as well get comfy!  Oh and this poor service requires tipping if you dont want a voodoo doll made of you in the kitchen.

5.Christmas markets are aactually enjoyable!

I always hated the ones in the UK, Lincoln Christmas market is crazy busy and actually disappointing after all the hype.  However, here there are lots of markets, from hectic tourist ones, to bespoke crafty local ones that you can just mull about in.  Im loving just wandering around each one drinking gluwein and punsch.

6.Christmas comes early here.

So todays the 1st Dec so in the UK it is now vaguely acceptable to put your Christmas tree up without facing death threats from the Grinch in your family.  However here, christmas decorations have been up a couple of weeks in a lot of residential areas, and that’s completely acceptable.  Its lovely!  There are also some different christmas traditions such as the Christkind and Krampus rather than Father Christmas which are rather charming (yeah screw you coca cola and your stupid truck!).

7.Austria isn’t so different from home.

Ok so the landscape isn’t quite the same, i mean they have the alps, giant forests, lots of snow etc etc here however the Austrian people I find have a hell of a lot in common with the Brits.  Maybe it’s because we are small nations trying to keep our place in a big post empire world, maybe its because our imperial pasts are interlinked so we have common heritage, I don’t know.  But while there maybe some cultural differences, largely Austrians are (in my opinion) just like us Brits.

8.Bad German is not a crime.

My Germans is coming on slowly.  I’ve never had this much trouble learning a language and I make regular mistakes (Like saying I’m horny instead of warm!), however largely I’ve been met with sympathetic smiles from people glad im trying rather than just falling back on the fact I could speak English.

In short, Vienna is great, and moving was completely the right thing to do, even if finding a job has been more challenging than I thought.  Being able to spend lots of quality time with James has been amazing and I cant wait to show you lot around when you all come to visit!


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