A walk in the woods – the night I almost died.

It’s that time of year again where we get to watch the Earth get pelted with rocks courtesy of the Perseids meteor shower.  I’ve never seen it in its full glory before so as my other half had the night off we decided to leave the confines of the city to see it.  Vienna is not huge, a short 40 minute drive lands you in the middle of the countryside with lots of dark sky to look at.

So, we park up in a location where there are other human beings at 1am and I think its a lovely spot.   James has other ideas, we go for a hike through dense forest.  Its 1 am, pitch black as the moon has set, and he’s got me hiking through the woods with just my headtorch.  All around are noises, the sort you hear in horror movies, right before the adventorous couple get butchered.  Safe to say I was a touch uncomfortable.

After a short while we reach a clearing, which for some reason scares me more than the narrow trail we hiked along, and there is a tower in the clearing.  As we walked up the spiral staircase of the tower my heart was going into overdrive, I have an overactive imagination at the best of times and tonight it was in hyperdrive. What if there was a group of people waiting at the top ready to jump on us and offer up my immortal soul as a sacrifice to some hellbeast, or maybe we’d encounter a vampire, or a werewolf, or god forbid, Donald Trump.  My poor parents would never know what had become of their favourite eldest daughter.  Having survived travels in Africa, Asia, abduction in Marrakech, and nights out in Nottingham, I was finally going to meet my maker in an Austrian wood with fireballs raining down from above.

When we got to the top, needless to say nobody was there to turn me into chop suey, instead we had a stunning view over the plains below and the town of Tulln.  However as there was a bright light at the top of the tower, it impeded our stargazing so we decided we should go back to the car park with the other human beings to watch the show.

Whoever put that light there, thank you!  I think you saved my life, probably not from crazed satanists, but certainly from my own heart working in overdrive, it would have been a most inconvenient location to have a heartattack.

Once we were back at the car park I laid on the ground with a cup of hot sweet tea (the cure for EVERYTHING) and some pralines to help get my nerves back, while James set up the camera.  We had a wonderful show with lots of enoumous fireballs streaking across the sky to a chorus of ‘oooohhhh and ahhhhh’ by the other late night adventurists.

Needless to say snugging under the stars was very romantic, and we managed to get some really great shots of the night sky, so all in all a mild (!) panic attack was worth it in the end!




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