11 days, 11 learnings

So its been 11 days since I arrived in beautiful Vienna.  What have I learned?

1, Gym arseholes are not a British phenomenon.   – seriously when there is only one floor mat in the ladies gym you do not need to hog it for the entire hour so nobody else can use it.  And the guys are just as bad, I’m halfway through using a piece of equipment when some gym junkie takes advantage of my momentary pause and kicks me off.  Cue my other half getting slightly angry and letting this guy know his thoughts (he has the best temper flashes, he’s so serene usually so when it happens its explosive and hilarious!)

2, Austrians don’t like it when you don’t play to the rules – from a shop assistant and customers tutting loudly at me because I didn’t label my vegetable purchase correctly to being shouted at by multiple people when you cross a road (with absolutely no traffic on it) when the green man isn’t showing, if you don’t do things properly, you soon know about it.

3, I hate tourists – I now have the legal paperwork which says I’m an official city resident, so I can moan.  But there are so many clueless tourists who just stop right in front of you and lose all sense of what the hell they are doing.  It’s like a game of Mario Kart trying to navigate through the tourist centre, and I have found myself muttering several times ‘bloody tourists’.

4, German is hard.  I know that sounds like a stupid statement, but as someone who has always had a natural aptitude for languages, I seem to be struggling.  Ok its only been 11 days so I’m hardly going to be fluent, but my learning books are still all in transit so I’ve been trying to work things out with Google Translate and my own logic. But its slow going.  I’ll get there, I just hate having to rely on my other half to translate stuff to me and taking charge in restaurants because I look like a gormless halfwit with no idea what’s going on.

5, The Austrians don’t have a Qwerty keyboard – If I had thought about it, it would make sense.  But I’m so used to a standard Qwerty and touch typing with it, that the amount of typos I’m making is infuriating.  So if you wonder why there may be random # instead of ‘ of Z instead of Y, that’s why.  Bear with me!

6, Don’t mess with the Vienna Police – a useful bit of advice in all cities.  However the police here are all armed, and today I got to see a police op up close as they raided the refugee centre outside my house and hauled a guy out.  I’m not sure on the details of why he’s been arrested but 8 armed coppers for 1 guy suggests he probably wasn’t wanted for a speeding ticket.  Those guys are fairly hardy, the arrested man tried kicking off, he got flattened by a policewoman my size.  So, lesson learned, don’t mess with the police.

8, I need a job – apart from the monetary aspect which clearly is important, I really miss going to work.  I don’t miss my old job, or the egg world but I really miss the wonderful team I worked with, and seeing my bestie everyday.  I need to get back into a regular work routine for my own sanity.  I don’t even know what day of the week it is!

9, My other half is a complete romantic – like actually adorable.  From preparing picnics for us in the park, cinema and dinner dates, long hikes in the woods (which he knows I love!) and a whole host of gifts to welcome me to my new home (Gin, Chocolate and a book – he knows me well!) he’s been doing his utmost to make me feel welcome and to make me smile.  We have a keeper!

10, Its hot – every day is sweltering.  Which is great and my tan is coming along nicely.  And I’m loving having our own pool to jump into to cool off in when it gets hot.  Ok I didn’t really learn this, I’m just boasting!

11, I like being an expat – Having been of the opinion I never wanted to move away from England as I love my home, so far I’ve really enjoyed my new life over here with James.  I’m sure if I was on my own I’d see it differently, but right now despite the difficulties I love it and it totally beats living in Newark-on-Trent




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